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Re: [tor-talk] Does Atlas support looking for bridges?

Hi Karsten,

20.04.2013 11:19, Karsten Loesing:
> Hi Sebastian,
> On 4/20/13 11:06 AM, Sebastian G. <bastik.tor> wrote:
>> Does Atlas support looking for bridges and if so how has the search
>> query to be formated?
> Atlas does not yet support looking for bridges.  See #6320.

Glad that I didn't bookmark the ticket. Sad that it doesn't support it.

>> Atlas itself says "Atlas is a web application to discover Tor relays and
>> bridges." which is true for relays.
> You're right, it's lying about being able to discover bridges.

How can Atlas or the website lie on their own? ;) (don't reply to this
kind of sarcastic question)

>> "The historical data of the bridges bandwidth usage is available in
>> graph form." It doesn't work for me.
>> First I require knowledge about bridges, and onionoo knows them:
>> https://onionoo.torproject.org/details?type=bridge
> See Onionoo's protocol specification for details to query bridge data.
> Onionoo supports everything that's necessary for Atlas to show bridge
> information.  It's just not in a human-friendly format.

Querying Onionoo isn't that user friendly. The summary is understandable
to me, the bandwidth document is not. Well it was never made for
users/operators to look at.

>> Looking for (exact) nickname or hashed fingerprint (or both) returns:
>> "No Results found! No Tor bridges or relays matched your query :("
>> The backend can't handle "nickname" and returns an error.
> Well, the back-end can handle bridge nicknames.  It's just that Atlas
> can't make use of returned bridge information yet.

It can handle nickname, but doesn't like "nickname" (with quotes "").

>> Sure Atlas is in beta, but either it is not implemented or I'm doing
>> something wrong, or both.
> Having bridge support in Atlas would be awesome!  Want to submit a patch?

Indeed it would be awesome to have support for bridges. Wanting and
being able to are to different animals (two different pairs of shoes,
for the Germans).

JavaScript and CSS are code, too. There might be the possibility that I
understand what it does in general, but it appears to be unlikely that I
understand what it does in detail or that I could reproduce it. It is
also another step from reproducing something to successfully changing
something or building something new.

When I'm providing a patch Atlas might even show the real IP addresses
of bridges even if Onionoo doesn't have them. ;)

If I could do that I'd provide patches for various things and review
code. Remember ticket 6147, the solution looks easy, I wouldn't have
found that solution. The patch looks like it's going to work, but I
couldn't tell.

(I might be repeating my lack of coding skill over and over, sorry for
me repeating myself.)

Out of curiosity what kind of code (JS, CSS, Python) would need to be
changed? This information might make it easier for others reading this
thread to say "Oh, I can write $language and do what has to be done."

> Thanks,
> Karsten
Thank you for your reply. Thank you in advance for the second reply.

I'm not going to reply unless there's something requiring me to.

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