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Re: [tor-talk] confirming obfsproxy published/unpublished data for my bridge (was RE: Does Atlas support looking for bridges?)

On 4/20/13 11:34 AM, Asa Rossoff wrote:
> The onionoo link confirms my bridge is known to exist..was beginning to
> worry :)  (I know, patience)
> However, shouldn't there be a flag indicating obfs2 and obfs3 ports or
> something?  Ports are open and I can telnet to their garbled text from
> outside.

Good point.  We scrub TCP ports before publishing bridge descriptors,
but Onionoo could at least report supported transport names in its docs.
 I just opened #8747 for this.  Thanks.

> Also, how important is it for a bridge to maintain the same IP address over
> the long term?

I'd say a stable address is important for a bridge.  Bridge clients
cannot compensate bridge address changes manually, so the bridge user
would have to go find a new bridge.  Of course, if you don't have a
stable address around, running a bridge on a changing address is better
than running no bridge at all.


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