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[tor-talk] confirming obfsproxy published/unpublished data for my bridge (was RE: Does Atlas support looking for bridges?)

The onionoo link confirms my bridge is known to exist..was beginning to
worry :)  (I know, patience)

However, shouldn't there be a flag indicating obfs2 and obfs3 ports or
something?  Ports are open and I can telnet to their garbled text from

Also, how important is it for a bridge to maintain the same IP address over
the long term?


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Hi Sebastian,

On 4/20/13 11:06 AM, Sebastian G. <bastik.tor> wrote:
> (maybe I asked that some when in the past, but I can't find it on the
> list)(My mind tells me that I did, but maybe it was in "private" email
> exchange)
> Does Atlas support looking for bridges and if so how has the search
> query to be formated?

Atlas does not yet support looking for bridges.  See #6320.

> Atlas itself says "Atlas is a web application to discover Tor relays and
> bridges." which is true for relays.

You're right, it's lying about being able to discover bridges.

> "The historical data of the bridges bandwidth usage is available in
> graph form." It doesn't work for me.
> First I require knowledge about bridges, and onionoo knows them:
> https://onionoo.torproject.org/details?type=bridge

See Onionoo's protocol specification for details to query bridge data.
Onionoo supports everything that's necessary for Atlas to show bridge
information.  It's just not in a human-friendly format.

> Looking for (exact) nickname or hashed fingerprint (or both) returns:
> "No Results found! No Tor bridges or relays matched your query :("
> The backend can't handle "nickname" and returns an error.

Well, the back-end can handle bridge nicknames.  It's just that Atlas
can't make use of returned bridge information yet.

> Sure Atlas is in beta, but either it is not implemented or I'm doing
> something wrong, or both.

Having bridge support in Atlas would be awesome!  Want to submit a patch?


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