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Re: [tor-talk] NPA to urge Internet providers to block users of hijacking software [Tor]

>> http://mainichi.jp/english/english/newsselect/news/20130418p2a00m0na013000c.html

"to voluntarily block communications if an anonymous software
system ... is found abused online."

The second ripline leaves some room but is without specifics.

> It seems they are blurring the line between recommending that websites
> refuse to answer connections from the Tor network, vs recommending that
> ISPs prevent their users from reaching the Tor network.

"The panel specifically recommends that communications be
blocked when there is access from IP addresses publicly listed
as those allocated to the third in a chain of computers that are
used by Tor."

This quote clears that up to be the former. However, it appears
they also intend to ask network operators to block exits as well,
not just websites:


"Based on the recommendations, the National Police Agency to
encourage voluntary efforts such as the industry of Internet
connection operators."

They don't seem to say whether non-exits (thus the EG's among
them) would remain accessible or not.

"The Tor system was utilized by citizens in pro-democracy movements
in the Middle East to escape government suppression, while Wikileaks
also recommends Tor to information providers. The planned access
restrictions are therefore expected to spark a backlash from the industry.
'Communication privacy is our lifeline. We won't be able to accept such
a request,' said an industry insider. An NPA official said, 'We will make
detailed explanations and seek their understanding.'"


"police were summarized for the strengthening of cyber crime
investigation the 'emergency program' ...
According to the National Police Agency, the police has been
promoting public-private partnerships with such Internet-related
companies so far, but pointed out that investigation and not keep up
with the rapid advances in information and communication technology
... In the future, expanding the range to exchange personal level
regardless of the occupation of the other party, and that improve the
information collection...
Emergency program, mentioned considerations and be entrusted to
the private sector, the analysis of the modus operandi of education
and other investigators"

It's a little unclear to what degree these groups are for enforcement
or education, whether they attend public conferences, etc. Likely
the usual mix. There could be some good opportunities there.

Cracking, corp/finance, data theft, copyright that sort of deal is one
thing. But these idiots making death/bomb threats and such are
really getting old not just on its face but due to their tendency to
make the news and piss people off, and against Tor, in a different
sort of way.

I presume exit operators in Japan could ask NPA/Mainichi for the
full panel doc and would be very interested in following this issue
... cc'd.
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