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Re: [tor-talk] Tor's reputation problem with pedo, some easy steps the community could take

> What about a simpler solution?
> Can you stamp them out?

What, like genocide? Various parts of the world tried that at various
times in history, it doesn't really work. Neither did the wars on drugs,
terrorism, guns, copyright or any other attempt in history to stamp
whatever it was they tried to stamp out... out. Very few reached totality.
And those that did did it in the real world, not the virtual one. Giving
society a little time, education and care generally work better.

> labeling ... everywhere I turned there were links
> ...
> directory / wiki operators [should] make a concerted effort

The directories out there have decent organization... books, forums,
games, markets, media, etc... all generally in their own sections and
clear as to their content. And unless someone's trying to run a scam,
links described as being to blue things don't generally point to green
things. The internet is full of links, no need to click them or venture into
dark corners. Start your own link list full of the blue things you do like.
Grow your own blue spaces. Counsel others to come to you. Move
the overall review even farther from the bad by marketsharing the good.
If you have an issue with or designs on OnionLand, you need to take
it up in discussions there.

> What about simply scouring all the directories, removing links to
> [whatever offends you or is illegal in whatever jurisdiction]

It's certainly possible to try crusading against such things. And
depending on what it is you are crusading against, there will surely
be plenty of supporters out there and here cheering you on. There
are also cases and places where your simply clicking through
a link during the course of such activities could get you in trouble.
Or the activities could be viewed as censorship, abuse, TOS
violation, and so on in their own right... all potentially trouble for you.

Whatever may be, realize that anonymous networks exist in order to
provide a strong defense against any censorship. If you hate green
things and some other people like them, there's not much you can do.
In fact, any such efforts might fail as the greenies may move farther
underground. The greenies are still there doing their thing, you just
don't see them. Instead of trying to bury them deeper you might be
better off leaving them visible for the real professionals to address.

Another interesting property of anonymous networks is that they
exist for you too. If you try to stamp them out or silence others
on them... where will those networks be when the day comes
that you might need them the most or wish your voice to be heard?

Nobody likes seeing these things. Using Tor for good to solve
the underlying human problems will have far more positive and
long lasting effects than wasting your time in edit wars.
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