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Re: [tor-talk] hiddden service on openwrt

Yuri wrote:
m.wegener@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

as this is under "oldpackages" (sept. 2014) I don know wether this package might get updated or not.

Right now, I'm creating the Openwrt - cross compile enviroment, takes longer than excpeted; though I keep beeing patient :)

You also need to make sure OpenWRT signs packages with their private
key. Google search results don't contain anything that confirms that
they are. Somebody mentioned this here before.
Because if they don't sign packages, it doesn't make sense to even use OpenWRT.


While working as part of Commotion Wireless [1] (which is built upon openwrt), I wound up experimenting a lot with different tor+openwrt and tor+commotion configurations.

I've run hidden services successfully on TP-Link WDR-4300 -- they have 8mb of flash (storage), 128mb ram, and 2 usb ports. With an added flash drive it's basically a small server. For the size-conscious, you can also run a hidden service on a TP-Link 3040, but it gets a lot trickier as you only have 32mb of ram to work with. For all sorts of reasons I wouldn't recommend being a bridge/middle/exit node while running a hidden service (especially on a router, which is already extremely resource-constrained).

OpenWRT and Commotion both come with uhttpd (+cyassl), which is fine to run basic websites and distribute files. It's also built into openwrt. There's also mini-httpd, which is quite popular. But if you're already using a flash drive as a surrogate hard drive, the 12kb difference over uhttpd isn't going to really help. Of course, Apache/nginx/lighttpd are all available.

The flash and ram on Ubiquiti pico/nanostations are too low to do much of anything except run OpenWRT and act as access points. And anything that is power-over-ethernet is going to be very difficult to run a hidden service on full stop.


[1] I was briefly working on making a related package for openwrt but stopped because of Reasons.

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