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Re: [tor-talk] Tor Browser crash

On 04/14/2017 10:03 PM, m.ajiao@xxxxxxx wrote:
the 'blocked object' menu within NoScript didn't appear until the page fully loaded and clicking the menu items in it did not crash the browser.
Hello! The crash is not consistent, but when it happens, it appears to be a really strange crash. The same happened on some other webpages in which the "Blocked Objects" menu showed up. I just reproduced the crash again on Ubuntu 64bit. What I did is I repeatedly clicked on "Blocked Objects" right after a page was loaded. Tor browser window closed immediately. I cannot determine the reason of crash, and I did not see the crash reporter for segfault show up.

Could you give more info about which TBB version; which OS / version.
Any other addons / plugins besides TBB default ones?

What exactly do you mean, "I repeatedly clicked on "Blocked Objects" right after a page was loaded?"
What was blocked - if you know - and why do you repeatedly click on them?
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