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Re: [tor-talk] (Correction) Tor Browser crash

On 04/16/2017 02:40 PM, m.ajiao@xxxxxxx wrote:

I couldn't reproduce the crash in a virtual machine with Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit installed.
I make a correction here: I just reproduced the crash in a virtual machine, but it took a few attempts to reproduce.

Virtual machine OS: Ubuntu server 16.04 64-bit with lxde desktop environment.
TBB version: 6.5.1 with default plugins.

Steps to reproduce:
Repeat the steps described in the screen recording.
After a few attempts, Tor Browser window was suddenly gone.
Click on the shortcut icon to start Tor Browser again. It does not say "Tor Browser is running."
I'm not an expert on meanings of all TBB debug logs. Someone else may fully understand the following error:

149237*******    addons.productaddons    ERROR    Request failed certificate checks: [Exception... "SSL is required and URI scheme is not https."  nsresult: "0x8000ffff (NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED)"  location: "JS frame ::resource://gre/modules/CertUtils.jsm  :: checkCert :: line 145"  data: no]

Right now, TBB won't let me into my security settings.  IIRC, for highest level, it says something like some pages may break or have problems.  IIRC, JS is blocked in highest level.  That alone will prevent many pages from loading - at all.

As for TBB closing - it may be a bug (or not) when you repeatedly click on the blocked object place holder.
In general, repeatedly clicking error popups & many other items can cause problems in any browser.  Clicking them 10x won't help.

Does it show you *which* objects were blocked?  Generally, when the blocked scripts or objects UI is displayed, you read it for info purposes & close it by clicking anywhere else on the page.

Most pages - or the browser - don't crash just because fonts aren't allowed to D/L.  Anything's possible.
Does this crashing happen when loading specific site(s), or just at TBB startup & home page (if showing TBB home page)?  If it's only a couple of sites, likely a problem w/ them.

HiDPI screen. Change the screen resolution to 3840x2160 (4k) resolution. Change "Scale for menu and title bars" to >2.5x
Do you have a 3840x2160 screen? I have no idea if TBB handles this - may be fine?

When I had to temporarily allow scripts for that page, I clicked on the NoScript (S) icon and immediately selected >the first menu item, but that page contains downloadable fonts, so the first menu item does not say "Temporarily >allow all this page" but says "Blocked objects." So by mistake I clicked on the "Block objects" menu item. Tor >Browser then crashed.
"Blocked objects," not "blocked scripts?"  There's a difference.

OK, so NoScript showed you what you requested (by clicking) - I guess?  Did it actually show a list of blocked objects or scripts, or did it hang producing that UI?    If NS didn't show it, something's blocking - I assume.  If so, sounds like a question for NoScript support (forum).

"Later when I wanted to reproduce the crash, I had to click on the menu item [which] said "Blocked objects" many times in order to make Tor Browser crash."

Refer to last question.  But, why are you clicking NS menu popup item *so* many times?  I see no point, but maybe you've left something out.
Does blocked objects / scripts UI ever display correctly? (Y / N).
What happens if you wait (say 30 - 60 sec) for blocked objects UI to display?
If "blocked objects UI" isn't displaying or hangs or won't close, I'd post on NoScript forum.

Do you have checked in NS options, Notifications > blocked SCRIPTS to hide notices after x seconds?


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