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Re: [tor-talk] TBB users, please give 1 minute of your time for science

On 04/24/2017 07:00 PM, cube@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hello, Tor community!
> Could you please do me (and science) a favor and go to my site (
> https://browserprint.info ) using the Tor Browser Bundle and submit a
> fingerprint, making sure to fill in the optional questionnaire?
> At the moment I'm working on detecting a person's underlying
> operating system and browser family using their browser fingerprint. 
> The aim of this is to detect and defeat browser spoofing. The number
> of Tor Browser Bundle users who have gone to my site and done this is
> extremely low, so I'm not able to properly train my detector to
> defeat the TBB, nor am I able to gauge how effective my detector is
> against the TBB.
> Rest assured that I will not use your data for anything malicious,
> nor will I attempt to deanonymise you in any way.
> Thank you!

Not malicious, you say? Browser spoofing is a key feature of Tor
browser. Defeating that sounds rather malicious.
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