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[tor-talk] TBB users, please give 1 minute of your time for science

Hello, Tor community!

Could you please do me (and science) a favor and go to my site ( https://browserprint.info ) using the Tor Browser Bundle and submit a fingerprint, making sure to fill in the optional questionnaire?

At the moment I'm working on detecting a person's underlying operating system and browser family using their browser fingerprint.
The aim of this is to detect and defeat browser spoofing.
The number of Tor Browser Bundle users who have gone to my site and done this is extremely low, so I'm not able to properly train my detector to defeat the TBB, nor am I able to gauge how effective my detector is against the TBB.

Rest assured that I will not use your data for anything malicious, nor will I attempt to deanonymise you in any way.

Thank you!
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