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Re: [tor-talk] BSD + Tor [was: obfs4proxy / 1024]

Many of the "official" Linux kernel / distro / community channels
and forums "block tor" too, so any attempted point of general
comparison on that basis to BSD is void. Same goes for Windows
and Mac.

FreeBSD still maintains its first original and "official" means of
"support" on mailing lists, which are not known to filter tor sources.
There's also the handbook, manpages, internet search, etc.

So if you are a BSD user who needs help with BSD, same
as before... do some or all of the following...
- Search the net
- Participate in or ask help questions in any unblocked appropriate
channel, such as perhaps, if FreeBSD, freebsd-questions@xxxxxxxxxxx
- Use tor's exit selection features to try to bypass any blocking
- File an OS ticket to alleviate and design out any blocking issues,
send it and any forum thread here for weigh in from more tor users.

lists @ tpo is not the place to lodge OS "feedback",
the OS sites are. Same for help with the OS itself.

Tor runs fine on the BSDs.
If users are having trouble getting tor itself running fine
on any BSD, tor-talk might be able to help.
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