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Re: [tor-talk] Geoblocked video: an utopia?

Hi grarpamp,
thanks for your reply, much appreciated.
Since it is not easy to change my OS to a newer one for one download I tried your last suggestion here:
If not, you're going to have to find a proxy or vpn that works
or use some other computer in a friend or shop or public.

You can seach for "proxy lists" or "online web proxy".

To investigate fetching these links,
with and without the last / component,
and in these qualities Q4A Q6A Q8C QXB.
They are probably geoprotected too.



So I did
y -v --proxy https://tvthek.orf.at/profile/Archiv/7648449/Neues-beim-Wiener-Sommernachtskonzert/13919349/Neues-beim-Wiener-Sommernachtskonzert/13995118 that is the one and only proxy that does not give me "winerror/no response...".
But there is a little problem:
the URL
[debug] Invoking downloader on 'https://apasfiis.sf.apa.at/ipad/cms-austria_abr/20160525_0900_in_02_Neues-beim-Wien_____13919349__o__1147162205__s13995118.mp4/chunklist.m3u8?lbs=20190424132523642&orig

gives me not the real video but as you see a "Q5a.mp4" video, i.e. the fake "warning video". Have I to use some command to be able to extraxct the real video bypassing this unwanted q5a.mp4 i.e. "your" Q4A.mp4 (but please attention that Q4a.mp4 is a text file, despite its extension) ?

thanks a lot.

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