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[tor-talk] Geoblocked video: an utopia?

Hi to All,

I am new here. Sorry my email perhaps a bit confused, thanks in advance for your
big patience :)

My purpose:
to be able to download (or at least to watch) what I already
downloaded in the past, surely something has been changed since February!
i.e. geoblocked austrian videos. Example:

obviously I mean the real video, not the fake "warning video" telling "dieses video darf...werden".

Please pay attention: I am on a old Windows therefore I am NOT allowed to
install TorBrowser, I am not allowed to use proxychains.

I tried:

1) youtube-dl --geo-bypass-country AT.

2) A German PhD told me: "you need a proxy that must be A- online and active
B- located in Austria! C- not blacklisted,

therefore you need a working "Tor Exit Node". So I found this site
http://torstatus.blutmagie.de/index.php?SR=CountryCode&SO=Asc (no idea if it
is a good site, surely it looks very complete and exhaustive) with Austrian
Banner (countries filter) and proxy IP:port exit nodes located in Austria.
In theory all these "vegetables" (called in german gurke, karotten, erbse,
zucchini... as you see in the site) seem fine (they are A-online, B- located
in Austria, C- perhaps not blacklisted?...), all is ok on the sheet;
unfortunately they simply do not work!! ex.gr.

youtube-dl -v --proxy https://tvthek.orf.at/profile/Archiv/7648449/Neues-beim-Wiener-Sommernachtskonzert/13919349/Neues-beim-Wiener-Sommernachtskonzert/13995118

The owner of Zucchini proxy located in Vienna (is it really a
working proxy??) told me "it is working" [see bottom]; effects: Either:
[WinError 10053] = translated means the proxy is online but...dead; or:
Unable to download webpage: '' (caused by BadStatusLine("''",)) = translated
means proxy misfunctioning?

3) Additionally I tried:

1) I am sorry to say, but this TV Broadcast does not currently work with our
services, due to them blocking our VPN servers. (NordVPN Support Service).
and so on...
"Proxifier can forward your connections through a proxy server.
If you are using a proxy located in Austria, the remote server will detect
that your connections originates from Austria" (hmmmm are we all really sure
that I am using a proxy located in Austria?);
Cyberghost (no idea if it
works but you have an one day trial),
ExpressVPN give me strange answers
like "our ExpressVPN service enables you to access Netflix USA, BBC, Hulu,
Amazon Prime USA assuming you have the respective subscription to those
services" (hmmmm but...but...I am NOT interested in these services!).

2) or
I become an accademic conference regarding how Tor works [that maybe of
great interest for engineers, while for me it is too deep and intensive]. (a

3) you should not have to worry about manually tracking the status of
tor relays since a tor client automatically downloads a list of active
relays regularly (Zucchini's owner)

4) "not all is supposed to work" (the "seraphic" answer from Ytdl-Experts).

5) http://webproxy.at/ I download a mp4 that is a
pure text file.

I am just a bit confused about my "foreign" videos; surely I am ignorant
in informatics/binaries but I simply feel that I am not asking the moon i.e.
it should not be so hard at the point to be really unpossible.

Summary: Is the above website (that I found from myself http://torstatus.blutmagie.de) with proxies of all
the world a fake?
There was an error of myself in using the ytdl string?
For this purpose have I to use a much modern OS that does support
TorBrowser? Should I
search for another site with working austrian exit nodes?

Shortened summary: if you are outside Mozart's country are you able to
download the video above?

thanks a lot to all.

Best Regards,

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