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Re[2]: Gentoo's response on them blocking access to their forums via Tor

Hello Martin,

Thursday, August 11, 2005, 1:42:42 AM, you wrote:


MB> And what is there to stop them from running a client and figuring out
MB> the server list ?
MB> Whatever scheme you think of, in the end the client will need to obtain
MB> a list of servers. If the client can obtain the list, so can someone

MB> Martin

 Rats!!! On the bright side, traffic through my server has been up. I
 hate wasting $40 a month on a Comcast connection that I am rarely
 home to use. At least now I get some service for the money.

 An odd thing happened to me when I returned home from an out of town
 job site. The Internet connection to Comcast was dead. My wife
 mentioned it to me when I got home. I tried a system restore to the
 last good point I knew the Tor server was working. That didn't help.
 I pulled the power cord to the Comcast modem for a minute or so and
 everything was fine again. I don't recall that happening before
 except when Comcast was installing new services. I hope it was just a
 fluke or some change on Comcast's end.

 I'll be in town for a few days so at least I can watch it.


Best regards,
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