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torserver verified without request


i'm not quite sure what to say, i'm still thinking, maybe i'm stupid...
but here is the thing: 

i'm running iapetus (

as you can see on [1], iapetus has been verified. as one can see on [2],
it is verified for about 1-2 weeks. now here is the thing:

i never asked anybody to verify it. roger dingledine wrote me a mail
some month ago (Thu, 9 Jun 2005 03:16:44 -0400) and asked, if i wanted
to register it, but i refused for several reasons. now i don't really
have a problem with this, as most problems are resolved. but as far as i
understand, nodes should only be verified on request ?!



[1] http://serifos.eecs.harvard.edu:8000/cgi-bin/exit.pl

[2] http://www.noreply.org/tor-running-routers/current.html

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