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Re: servers using netbios??

In your config, do you have either of these options checked:

TCP/IP -> Advanced -> DNS -> Register this connection's address in DNS

TCP/IP -> Advanced -> WINS -> Enabled LMHOSTS lookup AND for NetBIOS
settings: Default or Enable

If so, uncheck "Register this connection's address in DNS" because the
root servers don't care about your dns entry.  And if you have LMHOSTS
and/or NetBIOS over TCPIP, Windows will do some "window's name
resolution" which is over UDP on ports 135-139.

On Thu, Aug 25, 2005 at 02:52:08AM -0300, alien51@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote 0.8K bytes in 22 lines about:
: Hi or-talk,
: I'm totally confused by the following situation. My firewall is
: blocking some outgoing UDP connections from port 137 (netbios) to port
: 137. This has happened twice and both times the remote IP was of a Tor
: server. Netbios should not be going to the internet, my firewall did right.
: What confuses me is how these connections were started to begin with.
: My firewall does not think the application was Tor.
: The local port was not of my ORport.
: Default exit policies specifically prohibit traffic on ports 135-139.
: The protocol is UDP which is not possible to be handled by Tor.
: But despite all these impossibilities, there is a link somehow with
: Tor because the destination IP are of two Tor servers. How can this
: be???
: -- 
: cheers!
:  alien  mailto:alien51@xxxxxxxxxxxx
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