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[resolved] Re: PIDFile not written/missing in tor-

hi roger,

Nick and I were just looking over this thread, and he noticed your quotes
above. You're attempting to use the file ""/var/Process/tor.pid"". This
will not work. :)

We're going to fix the code to put quotes around file names when it's
logging problems, so hopefully the next guy will see two double-quotes
next to each other and start wondering.

well, those quotes i stuck in there sometime during the futz-around-with-capitalization-of-pidfile procedure ...

                     grumble ... mumble ... stomp around ...  ;-)

ok. two things need changing in tor.conf ...

   PIDFile --> PidFile
   PidFile "/var/Process/tor.pid" --> PidFile /var/Process/tor.pid

i was just having some ADDITIONAL wierdness with latest cvs no longer building w/o a make error ... which went away with a delete-everything-and-re-DL ... <sigh>

soooooo, FINALLY, with the changees to the capitalization & quotes in torrc as above,

./configure \
 --prefix=/usr/local/tor \
 --localstatedir=/var/Process \
 --sysconfdir=/var/Settings/Tor  \
 --mandir=/var/Documentation/man \
--enable-debug \
--enable-threads \
--enable-largefile \

now builds/isntalls/executes without error, and ...


% ls -al /var/Process/tor.pid
   -rw-r--r--  1 devuser devgrp 6 Aug 26 11:49 /var/Process/tor.pid


jeesh, what a firedrill ;-)

thx for the pointers, folks ... now off to actually USE this thing!


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