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Re: IRC zombie controllers

On Tue, 2005-08-30 at 05:11 +0200, Carsten Krüger wrote:
> > Look down in the middle once Steve gets his hands on a zombie
> first: Steve Gibson is an idiot
> http://grcsucks.com/

LOL! This is why I love the Internet!

GRC was the fastest example of the exact IRCbot net 
description that I could point to/think of.

Digging on securityfocus or your info-source-of-choice 
will uncover more/better.

I am sure checking at various anti-virus vendor libraries
will show even more.

In any case, all of that would satisfy the original
requests for examples of IRC being used to control
zombie hordes, and like behavior.

> > and using TOR to mask IRC would REALLY make zombie nets
> > like this easy to control.
> second: http to irc-gateways exists

True, but not exactly relevant to the original question,
which was about using IRC in annoying ways that prompted 
people to institute blocking?

Of course, we could also go off into esoteric covert channels
with trojans that encode their commands and responses on
mutated headers such as over TCP:

Now I am wondering how well stuff like that would go
through TOR? Might set something up and test it just
for kicks.

But I digress...
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other people.
                -- James Russell Lowell, "My Study Windows"