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Re: Re[4]: Torpark Pre-release

Hi Arrakistor,

Arrakistor <arrakistor@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Will it incorporate as an sfx archive?

UPX doesn't compress as an archive it only reduces the size of .exe's and .dll's.  You could compress with UPX then 7zip into an SFX to _possibly_ get better compression ratios than either alone.

It runs via. commnad line and can take wild cards but it doesn't do sub-folders so you have to specify all the folders with .exe's or .dll's you wish to compress...For example:

@Echo off
upx --best -qqq C:\Directory-A\*
upx --best -qqq C:\DIrectory-A\1\*
upx --best -qqq C:\Directory-A\1\2\*

P.S. John Haller uses UPX for all his portable apps.


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