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Re: subversion server ill?

Thanks, that was the clue I needed...I first ran subversion from
a sudo shell which put a root owned ~/.subversion in my home directory.

I'll give you 2 reasons I don't go to a subversion forum:
1) I never used subversion until you guys, somewhat quietly,
   switched from cvs to subversion. (ie. it's YOUR falt)
2) You guys are helpful!


PS This build is letting me connect...I'm OK again with svn 7070!

> On Wed, 16 Aug 2006, yancm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> Yes, this works. But...
>> I'm running  version 1.3.2 on NetBSD 2.1_Stable.
>> For some reason though I get the following when I try to update:
>> clarity 9 -> svn up
>> Error validating server certificate for
>> 'https://tor-svn.freehaven.net:443':

> Do you have a home directory?  Does it have a .subversion directory?  a
> ~/.subversion/auth/svn.ssl.server?  what's in it?  Are the directories
> writeable?  Note that an svn forum, like the svn mailinglist, might be
> more helpful.