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Too many connections when ORPort is defined

I would like to run a tor server, but there is no way to limit the
number of connections.  Also my tor.log gets filled with "Failing
because we have 991 connections already. Please raise your ulimit -n."
which is crap I do not care to see.

Development REALLY needs to implement a connection limit so that tor can
be configured to be less a resource pig.  While there is an
overabundance of bandwidth here, the host computer simply cannot handle
more than 100 simultaneous connections because it has so little RAM and
a "low horsepower" CPU.

If that ever happens, you might want to notify me (off list because I
won't still be subscribed), at which time I'll turn the server back on.

Note that bandwith limiting is not effective, either via htb or htb +
configuration options in torrc.
gypsy at iswest dot com