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Re: Too many connections when ORPort is defined

phobos@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 04, 2007 at 11:00:25AM -0700, gypsy@xxxxxxxxxx wrote 0.8K bytes in 19 lines about:
> : FYI:
> : I would like to run a tor server, but there is no way to limit the
> : number of connections.  Also my tor.log gets filled with "Failing
> : because we have 991 connections already. Please raise your ulimit -n."
> : which is crap I do not care to see.
> Sockets and memory consumption are two different things.  I've run tor
> servers in virtual servers with 256MB of ram just fine.

Well, I can't - in twice that much RAM.  The machine becomes extremely
sluggish, more and more so as the number of connections increases.

> You could also "man tor" and find:
> ConnLimit NUM
> The  minimum number of file descriptors that must be
> available to the Tor process before it will start. Tor
> will ask the OS for as many file descriptors as the OS will allow (you
> can find this by "ulimit -H -n"). If this number is  less  than  ConnLimit,  then
> Tor  will refuse to start.

Read the next paragraph of that entry.  It does not limit the number of
connections.  So it doesn't do what I need, although it will remove the
"991 connections" log entries.
> : Development REALLY needs to implement a connection limit so that tor can
> : be configured to be less a resource pig.  While there is an
> : overabundance of bandwidth here, the host computer simply cannot handle
> : more than 100 simultaneous connections because it has so little RAM and
> : a "low horsepower" CPU.
> I believe someone has submitted patches to this effect.  We're always
> happy to accept more patches.

I'd certainly appreciate pointers for finding such a patch.  I haven't
read every message in this group, but a google search "patch tor
connection limit" came up empty. 
> --
> Andrew