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Re: Too many connections when ORPort is defined

On Sat, Aug 04, 2007 at 11:00:25AM -0700, gypsy@xxxxxxxxxx wrote 0.8K bytes in 19 lines about:
: FYI:
: I would like to run a tor server, but there is no way to limit the
: number of connections.  Also my tor.log gets filled with "Failing
: because we have 991 connections already. Please raise your ulimit -n."
: which is crap I do not care to see.

Sockets and memory consumption are two different things.  I've run tor
servers in virtual servers with 256MB of ram just fine.  You could also
"man tor" and find:

ConnLimit NUM

The  minimum number of file descriptors that must be
available to the Tor process before it will start. Tor
will ask the OS for as many file descriptors as the OS will allow (you
can find this by "ulimit -H -n"). If this number is  less  than  ConnLimit,  then
Tor  will refuse to start.

: Development REALLY needs to implement a connection limit so that tor can
: be configured to be less a resource pig.  While there is an
: overabundance of bandwidth here, the host computer simply cannot handle
: more than 100 simultaneous connections because it has so little RAM and
: a "low horsepower" CPU.

I believe someone has submitted patches to this effect.  We're always
happy to accept more patches.