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Re: Privoxy usage?

>> Ahem... if your VPN software is using TCP rather than UDP or raw IP,
>> then I strongly recommend that you choose a different VPN vendor.

> that's not good advice.  tcp to 443 and other uses in general are
> quite acceptable.  (ok, i do favor AH/ESP or UDP, but TCP is still
> quite usable and useful)

That's not a VPN.  That's encryption at the application layer, and
that's fine.

> with Tor your tcp endpoint is terminating quite close, in this case on
> the same host stack or one host over.

That's not TCP over TCP.  That's two TCP connecitons put end to end,
and that's fine.

> the performance hit for TCP over TCP in Tor land is the latency and
> bandwidth associated with onion routing, not nested TCP transport.

There is no nested TCP in normal tor operation; there's multiple
layers of SSL encryption over a single TCP connection.

On the other hand, if you run a layer 2 VPN over tor, you get TCP
within IP within multiple layers of SSL within TCP.  And that's not
good, either for your performance, or for the network.