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Re: VoIP telephony building like Tor

Hi Praedor!
On Tue, 4 Aug 2009 09:58:04 -0400, Praedor Atrebates <praedor@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Sigh.  Tor is political by its very existence and design.  It is NOT a neutral
> entity.  Its very existence is for political reasons.

It's a matter of terminology. I hope we all (subscribers of this list)
can agree on some technical goals such as anonymity, untraceability,
privacy, access to blocked sites. This is relevant for design of Tor, 
its operation, configuration of Tor, Privoxy etc. Call it political or 

OTOH discussions about government, is it totalitarian or is it behind 
some journalist murders etc., are very flammable and adds _nothing_ 
valuable to technical side. 

If you have better term for this instead of 'political' please 
propose. Maybe 'non-technical'?

Alexander Cherepanov