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Re: Libevent errors with running Tor on a virtual server

On Sat, Aug 8, 2009 at 2:06 AM, D-503<d-503@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ... I'm just wondering if this will or is
> already causing problems like aborting connections or I can just improve
> my node behavior with some settings.

you are already causing some problems; if someone tries to extend a
circuit or exit a stream through your relay when this happens it will
fail, wasting effort / causing intermittent issues. (they will try
again somewhere else, and succeed, most likely)

>> can you contact your hosting provider and see if
>> they'll make an exception?
> I know that my hosting provider isn't happy with Tor and already
> cancelled one exitnode-owner's contract because of abuse-notifications
> so I don't think he will raise ulimit for me thus I can run Tor
> better :)

well, you don't need to mention Tor specifically. any network
intensive application may need more than 1024 descriptors.

good luck!

best regards,