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Re: Libevent errors with running Tor on a virtual server

On Fri, Aug 7, 2009 at 8:53 AM, D-503<d-503@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ...
> I'm not allowed to raise the ulimit above 1024

then you've got a problem. you may not be able to run a useful relay
in this situation. can you contact your hosting provider and see if
they'll make an exception?

> Yes I read this already and there is also the ConstrainedSockets
> mentioned. But in the Tor-Manpage is written this should be used if I
> get the:"Error creating network socket: No buffer space available"
> message in the logs but my error is different.

you must fix the 1024 ulimit first. once that is resolved, you may run
into the socket buffer issue next and have to set ConstrainedSockets.

best regards,