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Re: Comcast throws down gauntlet to residential accounts

In the US, RoadRunner and WOW are <$50 for about 5+ megs down and
maybe half a meg up. Lots of people I know run all sorts of 'servers',
on their lines. Yes, these ISP's forbid 'servers' and 'proxies', etc
in their AUP's. Though no one I know has ever been hit with the stick.
They're all minimally running ssh, smtps, https, dns. Some are running
the standard strong stuff: freenet, i2p, tor, gnunet. Some use
bittorrent. A bunch download from rapidshare, etc. They've had no

If your ISP takes a liking to your line via their ticketing system and
you can't shake them through education or feint... it's time to cancel
and for your 'new flatmate' to sign up for the next line/ISP. Wash,
rinse and repeat in loop.

Business class is about pricing, SLA's, resell, contracts and
associated legalities and marketing. Not data transfer. Residential
end users, even without servers, use way more traffic than business
end users connected to the same fiber/coax/copper plant.