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Re: windows tor

Why not just a Windows kernel driver? Because it hasn't been written yet.

You're welcome to help write a kernel driver, or a VPN host or whatever else you think is the next logical step to improving Tor. However, remember the version number: 0.2.1.*. Tor is not a 'finished' piece of software. It is not feature-complete; it does not implement everything that's either desired or required for ideal use. However, right now, much of the development effort is not spent making it easier for clients to use. There's a feeling that it's currently 'good enough' that those who really need to use Tor will be able to follow the instructions and get it working. If you don't agree with that emphasis, again, it's your prerogative to build those feature that you think are most important.

We all look forward to seeing your contributions!

On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 00:27, Peter <necedemalis@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
You're kidding me right.  A VM?  Why not just a windows kernel driver?

> Look at torvm, https://torproject.org/torvm.  It's still alpha-ware, but
> essentially does just what you want.  You mentioned you were a
> programmer, join us in improving TorVM.
> I'd like a pony, too.
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