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Re: Making sure that I'm secured

On Sat, Aug 22, 2009 at 05:16, Sadece Gercekler <inanma@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm using the Tor+Firofox browser bundle downloaded at torproject.org. I setup a virtual Windows XP machine under my normal OS (using VMWare) and I'm doing all my private browsing under that machine.

I need to use an rss reader, but can't use a web based one (like google reader) since I have _javascript_ disabled.

I decided to use an application (like sharpreader) for rss, I configured it to use the Tor proxy and it seems to be using it (since it fails to connect when I stop Tor). But I want to be %100 sure it doesn't make any direct connections.

Do you have any suggestions to make sure that nothing escapes outside except Tor itself? Is there any way to close all outgoing ports except for Tor under Windows XP Pro?


Depending on your host operating system, it may be possible to prevent any internet access from that guest, except via a tor process on the host. There has been some discussion on the list about how to do that with linux guests/hosts, but I'm sure you could extrapolate from that. On the plus side, if you prevent any non-tor access the the internet from the guest machine, you may be more secure enabling _javascript_ and browser plugins, and using an online RSS reader.