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Re: Bigger Thinking [was: Tor Project 2008 Tax Return]

> And what about Microsoft? I think someone should be targeting/lobbying them
> to include a Tor client and default bridge relay in every version of Windows
> 8 or 9. Find out what it would take to get them to do this,

Sorry, what's in this for Microsoft? Being a good corporate citizen?
From a business point of view, including a peer to peer style client
BY DEFAULT in an operating system has PR nightmare written all over
it, but they will take the risk of lost revenue for being a good
corporate citizen? I find it unlikely...

> of having a European voice in all this. That means another $20M a year in
> funding please. At least. Then there is law enforcement and the military and
> intelligence agencies - for f*ck sakes if someone at the Tor Project can't
> see them as low hanging fruit then I will start to cry.

Right... so in the case of law enforcement, you are going to ask law
enforcement to fund a project that (this is not my opinion, this will
be theirs) allows people to access illegal content anonymously and
makes their job that much harder? That's low hanging fruit? Hate to
hear what the high hanging fruit will involve :)

I think if you want a job at the tor project, you should just ask :P
And maybe just provide them with past results you've obtained for
similar organisations or in a lobbyist role, as opposed to getting
frustrated on mailing lists :)

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