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[tor-talk] Firewall setting in Tor Browser not working?


I have a couple of questions about the "Tor Network settings" in Tor

Tor browser can be configure to use bridges and/or pluggable transport
if needed. However it may happen that these PT are exposed on port that
cannot be reached from behind company/university restrictive firewalls.

In the Tor Network settings (clicking on the onion icon) I see that
there is an option that says "This computer goes through a firewall that
only allows connections to certain ports", this option is not available
when ou click on the "Configure" button when you want to configure a
connection when Tor is starting up.

Tor Network settings at startup:

Tor Networks settings from the icon:

My first question is: why there is this difference?

The second question is about how this setting work.
Here's my scenario, born out of testing a bridge with pluggable
transport [1]:
* I start Tor browser normally
* I go to "Tor Network settings" and I put in my bridge with plugglable
* I enable the firewall setting indicating to go through ports 80,443
(default value)

with this configuration Tor Browser does not work.

Note that the bridge works, if I use a proxy to bypass the firewall or
if I connect from a non-firewalled network Tor Browser works normally.

So, how does that setting work?

[1]: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-relays/2018-July/015744.html
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