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[tor-talk] ProxAllium - A Tor frontend for Windows

Hello everyone!

I would like to first say that [ProxAllium](https://proxallium.org/) is in no
way affiliated with the Tor
Project and it is developed independently by me at the moment.

Introduction: ProxAllium is a simple GUI frontend for Tor which works in
Windows, the main goal of this program is to allow the user to get Tor up and
running without the need of using Tor Browser Bundle (TBB) and configuring

ProxAllium makes the process easy by automatically generating a safe
configuration for Tor without any user interaction on the first launch!

It's GUI displays useful information like the port, proxy type, PID etc of Tor
in a single place so that this information is very accessible.

ProxAllium has a robust notification system which informs the user of any
important events like errors, crashes, unexpected exits and successful
connections. The information console at the bottom of the GUI shows all the
errors and warnings from Tor as-is. For more detailed information the user can
open the "Tor Output" window which will show the full output from Tor. All of
these features make troubleshooting a little less painful.

The GUI also minimizes to the tray automatically and moves out of the user's
way :)

On the technical side, bridges (with some select PTs) are supported out of the
box, thanks to Yawning Angel's obfs4proxy. Tor is also handled properly via the
control protocol as defined by control-spec.txt, so that actions like shutting
down and switching circuits are done properly.

Background: I started writing ProxAllium almost 2 years ago (around November
2016). My main motivation was the lack of a tool/script which can setup Tor and
keep it running in the background so that I can use it with other applications
like IRC clients, browsers (for circumventing censorship) etc.

The userbase has always remained small, with only my close friends and some
other people who have managed to find ProxAllium through limited advertising
(by me) at select places like Reddit, YouTube and IRC.

I have not really been able to spread awareness very far yet, though I have big
plans. My marketing skills though, with what I have done, seem to have failed so

Future: I intend to further develop ProxAllium by entirely re-writing it in C
and make it cross-platform so that everyone can reap its benefits. However, my
main problem is lack of motivation and feedback, it would greatly help if some
of you could try it out and give me any helpful feedback or ideas that I can
implement, I will try my best to accommodate everyone's requests.

Sorry for the long email and congratulations for reading this far, I truly
appreciate you taking the time.

With Regards, Damon H. (TheDcoder)
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