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Re: TorDNS local DNS server for Tor windows users

Glymr Darkmoon wrote:

there seems to be a problem with this program under windows 2000, the
dns server definition fields do not permit the use of 127.* addresses. i
am going to look into ways of bypassing this nonsense (the registry
editor, or possibly some program like freecap)

On Sun, 04 Dec 2005 17:54:46 -0500, "Wilson" <cwilson352@xxxxxxxxx>

I just completed a local DNS server for Tor using Tor_resolve to resolve host names
to ip addresses through Tor.... it is for windows only....

The link is


C. Wilson

What I am going to do is correct the problem by coding TorDNS to listen on the actual
ip address of your internet connection rather than local host..... then i will update the website
thanks for the info

C. Wilson