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Re: TorDNS local DNS server for Tor windows users

Glymr Darkmoon wrote:

i was unable to bypass this, and when i finally found the settings data
in the registry, wouldn't you know it, it's a big long binary data
field, with no markers you can easily manipulate (i didn't try very hard
but i figured if i'd put the right numbers into the dns field that i
knew their hex representation that i'd probably be able to possibly
trick it to let me use localhost as dns)

On Sun, 04 Dec 2005 19:31:01 -0800, "Glymr Darkmoon"
<glymr_darkmoon@xxxxxxx> said:

there seems to be a problem with this program under windows 2000, the
dns server definition fields do not permit the use of 127.* addresses. i
am going to look into ways of bypassing this nonsense (the registry
editor, or possibly some program like freecap)

On Sun, 04 Dec 2005 17:54:46 -0500, "Wilson" <cwilson352@xxxxxxxxx>

I just completed a local DNS server for Tor using Tor_resolve to resolve host names
to ip addresses through Tor.... it is for windows only....

The link is


C. Wilson

 Glymr Darkmoon

http://www.fastmail.fm - A no graphics, no pop-ups email service

I updated the program EXE and website, windows 2000 users have to use their actual ip address
as a DNS server in win2k networking instead of localhost with TorDNS... The problem with this might be dynamic IP addressing with the DHCP server of their ISP and TorDNS.... Download the win2k version beow:

version of TorDNS