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Re: My tor client does not work anymore

Peter Palfrader <peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> The  only things  was changed  (but many  days ago  before) was  the tor
>> server I put  on the same computer. This server does  not work also like
>> client (SocksPort 0) and it appears working fine. 
> The Tor server was hibernating recently, are you sure CyberTorValley is
> independant from the tor you run as client?

I think there  is something related to this because  I changed the torrc
for the  server removing the "accounting"  section (so there  is no more
hybernation) and things go better and also the client works fine. 

Before I followed the FAQ at


to make client and server indipendant.

>> > Start by consulting the logs,
>> I saw only this:
>> root@xxx:~# tail -f /var/log/tor/log
>> Dec 09 16:54:46.299 [notice] Tried for 60 seconds to get a connection to [scrubbed]:80. Giving up.
> Not very useful.  Anything non-standard in the torrc?

Don't  think so:  do  I need  to post  here  the two  torrc (client  and

Un esteso e "normale" uso della crittografia à il sistema pià forte
per rivendicare il diritto alla privacy nelle comunicazioni
telematiche: come tutti i diritti e come i muscoli se non viene
esercitato costantemente si atrofizza e va perso.

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