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Re: recent tor stream timeout errors...

Thanks for a demo of a typical P2P user mindset.  
Tragedy of the commons all over again.

John, I personally don't care about your copyright abuse, as long 
the local legislation doesn't make me personally liable. So far,
it doesn't.

Tor is research. A work in progress. Due to nature of traffic remixing
traffic gets amplified several times (someone here suggested a
multiplication factor of six). Current Tor runs on resources donated by 
volunteers. In absence of P2P traffic, it would be quite useful
for browsing which is hard to track and blog. Think people
in religious and secular dictatures (U.S. is slowly getting there)
censoring and tracking users to lock them up.

By using P2P, you're harming those users. If the network becomes
abused, the volunteers stop running nodes, and you P2P folks will
have to roll your own anonymizing layer. 

On Thu, Dec 22, 2005 at 05:51:04AM -0700, John wrote:
> Yup all that critism, thats solved the problem.
> On the tor network,
> http://tor.eff.org/documentation.html.en#HOWTO
> It links to....
> http://wiki.noreply.org/noreply/TheOnionRouter/TorifyHOWTO
> Which links to...
> http://azureus.sourceforge.net/doc/AnonBT/
> Now on the sourceforge.net site, it says, don't use Tor for peer-to-peer,
> but here's how if you want to.  What the freek is that?  I don't know
> who's in bed with who, perhaps azureus is owned by the programmers of tor?
>  I would never have found tor except for serveral sites proclaiming tor's
> use with p2p.  Yes it is slow, yes I can stop using it.  Yes several of
> you are a-holes.  And if your not going to use it with p2p, then what for,
> porn surfin?  Ohh, your cool.  I'm not a groupy of tor, I'm just working
> the program because the docs I found said I could.  And hundreds of times
> I've found docs on the net which are years old and no longer apply, so sue
> me.  And if your suggesting that I'm a copyright downloader, your wrong
> and I'll have none of your slander.  If you don't want people using it for
> a particular purpose, fine, don't link them to HOWTO's.  That will kill
> your program.
> Thanks all for such a wonderful list.

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