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Re: recent tor stream timeout errors...

On Thu, Dec 22, 2005 at 08:40:47PM +0100, Thomas Hluchnik wrote:

> My question to other members of tor who have tor servers running: why do you 
> do this. What is your intention to give away bandwith for no money?

Like you, I am extremely concerned about the recent staccato of frankly 
awful legislation, whether it's coming to U.K., France, Germany, U.S.
or elsewhere.

Creating a usable global network for untrackable anonymous browsing currently
takes precedence over other concerns, such as anonymous open publishing. 

*Currently*. The future network may be both more robust and protocols
automatically deal with abuse. That time is not now, however. Currently,
Tor needs active means of discouragement for P2P. If you want to change this,
donate speedy servers and/or implement agoric load levelling in Tor.

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