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Re: recent tor stream timeout errors...

Am Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2005 15:50 schrieb Ben Wilhelm:

> > Just in case this wasn't clear: the current Tor network is
> > loaded as it is. P2P operators: please do not use it, and tell other
> > P2P operators not to.
> > 
> Personally, the P2P aspects are one of the large reasons I'm interested 
> in this. I haven't actually used Tor for P2P for a very long time, but 
> if Tor were to somehow remove all P2P traffic from its network I'd 
> probably shut my servers down and move on to something else.
> -Ben

This is your opinion. Im am not here because of any filesharing. I decided to 
provide bandwith when I read whats going on in the EU last week. I am 
interested in anonymized http to protect the freedom of information. I even 
think it is abuse of tor to use it for P2P. There is a project existing for 
P2P fans called I2P. Maybe you are sitting at the wong horse here.

My question to other members of tor who have tor servers running: why do you 
do this. What is your intention to give away bandwith for no money?

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