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Re: recent tor stream timeout errors...

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Thomas Hluchnik wrote:

>Am Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2005 15:50 schrieb Ben Wilhelm:
>>>Just in case this wasn't clear: the current Tor network is
>>>loaded as it is. P2P operators: please do not use it, and tell other
>>>P2P operators not to.
>>Personally, the P2P aspects are one of the large reasons I'm interested
>>in this. I haven't actually used Tor for P2P for a very long time, but
>>if Tor were to somehow remove all P2P traffic from its network I'd
>>probably shut my servers down and move on to something else.
>This is your opinion. Im am not here because of any filesharing. I decided
>to  provide bandwith when I read whats going on in the EU last week. I am
>interested in anonymized http to protect the freedom of information. I
>even  think it is abuse of tor to use it for P2P. There is a project
>existing for  P2P fans called I2P. Maybe you are sitting at the wong horse
>My question to other members of tor who have tor servers running: why do
>you  do this. What is your intention to give away bandwith for no money?
Well, since I don't pay for bandwidth, but just the connection (I'm one of
the useless 20KB servers way down on the list) it's just the same either
way for me. But I still feel like it is a cause worth supporting, and this
is the only way I know how. I wish to give people the freedom to access
information they want, without fear of being marked or asked to rectify
their reasons for needing the information. Information, knowledge, should
be free for humans to use, to help them understand and learn. And I think
tor has brought a lot of people the freedom to do this, where it was not
possible before. It can protect people trying to do the right thing
(whistleblowers), it can expose people to new ideas that their government
tries to suppress (i.e. China), and just give us an overall sense of
liberation by not being tied to a numerical address that defines our every
That is my intention.

Sorry, didn't mean to preach information liberation to everyone... It's
just kind of a personal thing for me. =D


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