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Re: recent tor stream timeout errors...


> This is your opinion. Im am not here because of any filesharing. I decided
> to provide bandwith when I read whats going on in the EU last week. 
My tor server here is running since 15/12/2005 3:00am right after the decision 
for datarentention in the EU (6 - 24 month) was made.   

> I am 
> interested in anonymized http to protect the freedom of information. I even
> think it is abuse of tor to use it for P2P. There is a project existing for
> P2P fans called I2P. Maybe you are sitting at the wong horse here.
full ack

> My question to other members of tor who have tor servers running: why do
> you do this. What is your intention to give away bandwith for no money?

"The fact that You cannot see them does not mean that they are not
behind You!"
Yes  - i am paranoid. 

Currently that is all what i can do against this: to share my bandwidth.

Merry xmas, frohe Weihnachten, joyeux no"el,

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