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Re: recent tor stream timeout errors...

The end solution here is not a model where we try to centrally or
collectively enforce traffic merits anonymity and what doesn't: I
think we can all see where that would lead.  Instead, I think we need
to scale better.

But hey, I'm a tech guy.  I look for technical solutions to
everything. :)

I probably should've explained why I made my point - there seem to be a few people on this list who take the position of "file sharing is bad, and everyone on the network hates it". I'm just taking the opposite position - there's at least one person on here that finds the file sharing applications, and the anonymity-for-legal-and-illegal-purpose-both, to be the interesting part. :)

I think you guys are doing a pretty good job, BTW, and if I had more free time I'd volunteer to help with the coding. But, I don't. :/