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Re: P2P wanted?


I guess in the future I should be more specific in my questions
though, as I was wondering if a T-F-T mechanism was programably
possible. I knew that I had read in there that it was a good idea, but
that was all that I got.

are you thinking to implement the t-f-t on the client level as you
mentioned in the challenges paper? or are you thinking some kind of
traffic analysis at the server level?


On 12/23/05, Roger Dingledine <arma@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 23, 2005 at 11:21:34PM -0400, Matt Thorne wrote:
> > I know that no one wants to do this, but out of curiosity could a tit
> > for tat mechanism be built into the tor client? I realize that this
> > wouldn't be desirable, just curiosity.
> It would be desirable, but it's a bit tricky. We need to a) design a tit
> for tat mechanism that encourages good behavior, b) assess its impact
> on anonymity and fix it until we're happy, and c) do some (possibly
> significant) architecture changes on Tor so we can provide better service
> to some servers or on some circuits.
> Please read section 5.1 of
> http://tor.eff.org/doc/design-paper/challenges.pdf
> I'm collaborating with Dan Wallach at Rice University on a small NSF
> project to look into this. I hope to have some answers in a month or two.
> --Roger