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Re: P2P wanted?

On Fri, Dec 23, 2005 at 11:21:34PM -0400, Matt Thorne wrote:
> I know that no one wants to do this, but out of curiosity could a tit
> for tat mechanism be built into the tor client? I realize that this
> wouldn't be desirable, just curiosity.

It would be desirable, but it's a bit tricky. We need to a) design a tit
for tat mechanism that encourages good behavior, b) assess its impact
on anonymity and fix it until we're happy, and c) do some (possibly
significant) architecture changes on Tor so we can provide better service
to some servers or on some circuits.

Please read section 5.1 of

I'm collaborating with Dan Wallach at Rice University on a small NSF
project to look into this. I hope to have some answers in a month or two.