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Re: Problems under Windows Millenium

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Stegozor @ 2006/12/04 03:56:
> Matt Edman wrote:
>> On Dec 2, 2006, at 4:28 AM, Stegozor wrote:
>>> Then I removed Vidalia, tor and Privoxy (using their own uninstall
>>> option from Start/Programs/app/uninstall menu) and installed the
>>> latest Vidalia package. The problem is that when I launch Vidalia now
>>> I get the following error message:
>>> Vidalie.exe is linked (or bound) to a missing export of
>>> ADVAPI32DLL:ChangeServiceConfig2W (roughly translated from French).
>> You will have to stick with Vidalia 0.0.7 until the next Vidalia
>> release. The service support we added in Vidalia 0.0.8 broke support
>> for Windows 95/98/ME. We'll have it fixed for the next release.
> Thank you for the response. I could test the latest Vidalia on the same
> computer (same hadware) but under Windows XP and it works pretty fine.
> However, it was impossible to uninstall the lastest version and to
> install 0.0.7 under Windows Millenium, I keep getting the same error
> message (Vidalie.exe is linked (or bound) to a missing export of
> ADVAPI32DLL:ChangeServiceConfig2W. As I don't know what to do and which
> files to remove, it's rather hard to install back 0.0.7 for me, and
> worse, this version doesn't seem to work properly under Win Me either:
> the first time I installed it, my system had become sluggish and
> unresponsive.
> Hope that later releases will fix these issues and that this information
> will be helpful in some way. Until then, a little warning on the website
> could make sense.
You should not even be using Windows Me with such security/privacy/anonymity in mind.  The main reason being M$ stopped supporting it back in June i believe.  There are probably 20 vulnerabilities in it since then that have not been patched.  Not to mention it was a relatively crappy OS to begin with.  UNIX aside, you should at least upgrade to Windows 2000 if you have old hardware and are concerned about "sluggish" behavior.  No need to defend your choice, becuase i will not listen nor argue ;)  just my $.02