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Snakes on a Tor 0.0.5

I've finished off another release of my scanner and wrote another perl
script to perform the timing/reliability measurments in the previous

Release is at:


  - "suspicious" vs "naive" failure rate information
  - New commands to support exporting these stats to SpeedRacer+SoaT
  - Subscribes to Network status events to get new router information
    from Tor
  - Now better able to handle concurrent streams at once

  - Now scans SSH hosts present in ./known_hosts for key changes
  - Attributes DNS resolution to proper exit, even if different than 
    actual data circuit
  - Checks for content changes outside of Tor to eliminate false
  - Filters out dynamic content ahead of time before scanning stats
  - Allows wildcard filetype "all"

  - Implemented. 

This is the last release that will be written in perl (unless some
huge bug is discovered). I'm going to rewrite it in Python so I can
get some decent OO support to implement some more advanced features.
There might not be another release for a few months.

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs