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Re: A Brief Study on Circuit Construction Speed and Reliability

Thus spake Ringo Kamens (2600denver@xxxxxxxxx):

> Thanks for that. It's interesting to have that data visualized.

Yeah, it's not quite as immediately relevant as exit scanning, but it
is a little more interesting with respect to studying the network as a
whole I think. What I'm really looking forward to is gathering some
statistics on most common peers during failure. I'm curious if those
OR_CONN_CLOSED are happening because certain nodes are
unreachable or partitioned from one another somehow, or if it is
something else. But I need better structure & object support for that
than perl can provide sanely, unfortunately.

I've gone back to scanning exits in the meantime. If anyone wants to
join me with a different wordlist.txt, set of filetypes and other ssh
hosts, it might be nice.

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs