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Re: They know I'm using a proxy(Tor)...but how?

Hi gregery,

torproject.org supports two solution, to help webmasters to protect
theire service for anonymous missuse.

1: Have a look at https://www.torproject.org/tordnsel
   It is a dynamic DNSBL with all tor exit nodes.

2: https://check.torproject.org/ offers an dynamic list
   of all tor exit nodes, which can connect to a webserver.
   (xx.xx.xx.xx has to be replaced by the IP of the webserver)


Both service are using a IP list of tor exit nodes. Your settings in
your browser are ok.

Karsten N.

gregery schrieb:
> Hey all,
> I am trying to register at a website forum and I get an error message
> when I try to register.  The message basically says that it seems I am
> using an anonymous internet connection or a proxy.  The site is not
> blocking Tor by exit-node because I get the same error message when I
> try to register at the site while using a public high-anonymous elite
> proxy (L1).  I think the forum administrator is using headers to decide
> if a new member is using a anonymous connection or not.  
> I use the current TorBrowser Bundle with current TorButton and
> RefControl to spoof the referrer headers.  I also use vanilla Tor,
> Vidalia and Privoxy with the same result.  I tired spoofing my
> user-agent away from the default TorButton U-A settings, I spoofed as a
> Mac, Firefox, IE, Opera, etc, all for not.
> Does anyone know how I can circumvent this block?  I at least would like
> to know what in my headers is setting off red flags as that means all
> other Tor users in my anonymity set are potentially setting off red
> flags too.
> Thank you