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Re: They know I'm using a proxy(Tor)...but how?

FYI when I was running a relay (not an exit node) I was blocked (dynamically) from one site at least, presumably using the list at Moria. Unfair.
On 1 Dec 2008, at 06:03, Karsten N. wrote:

Hi gregery,

torproject.org supports two solution, to help webmasters to protect
theire service for anonymous missuse.

1: Have a look at https://www.torproject.org/tordnsel
   It is a dynamic DNSBL with all tor exit nodes.

2: https://check.torproject.org/ offers an dynamic list
   of all tor exit nodes, which can connect to a webserver.
   (xx.xx.xx.xx has to be replaced by the IP of the webserver)


Both service are using a IP list of tor exit nodes. Your settings in
your browser are ok.

Karsten N.

gregery schrieb:
Hey all,

I am trying to register at a website forum and I get an error message
when I try to register.  The message basically says that it seems I am
using an anonymous internet connection or a proxy.  The site is not
blocking Tor by exit-node because I get the same error message when I
try to register at the site while using a public high-anonymous elite
proxy (L1). I think the forum administrator is using headers to decide
if a new member is using a anonymous connection or not.

I use the current TorBrowser Bundle with current TorButton and
RefControl to spoof the referrer headers.  I also use vanilla Tor,
Vidalia and Privoxy with the same result.  I tired spoofing my
user-agent away from the default TorButton U-A settings, I spoofed as a
Mac, Firefox, IE, Opera, etc, all for not.

Does anyone know how I can circumvent this block? I at least would like
to know what in my headers is setting off red flags as that means all
other Tor users in my anonymity set are potentially setting off red
flags too.

Thank you