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Re: They know I'm using a proxy(Tor)...but how?

Geoff Down schrieb:
> FYI when I was running a relay (not an exit node) I was blocked
> (dynamically) from one site at least, presumably using the list at
> Moria. Unfair.

May be, some webmasters are using a blacklist with all tor nodes, not
only exit nodes. Thats not fair, you are right.

A reason for this unfair behavior may be:

  Somebody can run a an exit relay only on port 443. In this case,
  the relay will not appear in the TorBulkExitList and tordnsel.
  A user can use this exit node for anonymous login....

  This is not a real used version, but some webmasters are paranoid.

How to ask the webmasters, to change the unfair behavior?

Karsten N.